A Game Changer For Any Westerner;  Life after Death-Exploring New Evidence…

Eastern religions have always held that after death, we live other lives here on earth. Western Christianity has always maintained that we live only one life and then are eternally committed to heaven or hell based on god’s judgment of that single life…

The UVA Medical School just completed a 50 year study of 2500 three year old children with verified past life recall that substantiates that Eastern religions were right, and we were wrong.

For Einstein, the belief in god, was a childish one, but he was an agnostic because atheists couldn’t disprove the existence of god.

The agnostic case… We all want to know our purpose, our place in the universe… but WE DON’T KNOW…Somehow everyone else says they know, but they all know something different! If “the truth sets you free,” only agnostics are such, for it’s only they who admit THEY JUST DON’T KNOW. (Everyone’s

The caveat for the agnostic’s manifest is that they should remain open minded to phenomena that can’t be explained by science. Ergo, the UVA reincarnation evidence is something that should be considered

Should Christians think that this nullifies their religion? No… it only disproves the eternal judgment dogma and should inspire them toward a more positive, “figurative” interpretation of the faith…  from being a literal “God fearing,” Christian to being a “God loving” Christian, perhaps.

For them, this narrative will show that this shift is not such a radical move, because if you’ve ever heard, original Christianity was only “a religion of love Christ came to announce to the world.” Historically, there was no brimstone threat in early Christianity for the first 300 years. Satan wasn’t terrifying the faithful until the Romans formally added that pagan specter in 325 AD anyway. (Nicaea)

This is a game changer for westerners, but like the UVA physicians say, “No reasonable person could ignore this evidence.”

Caution…  Entering this site could change your cosmos for good… no pun intended.

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Author: Brad O’Donnell