Life After Death Evidence – 50 Year Medical School Study

Life After Death Empirical Evidence by Univ.of Va. Medical School, Feb. 2017;

Blurring Lines Between Science, Religion and Spirituality

“UVA Panel; Re: Life After Death”

Conclusions of a 50 year study of past life recall by 2500 young children.
One case of 2500…

James Leininger was born in Louisiana 19 years ago to wonderful Christian parents.
At 1½ years he started waking up frequently, screaming, “ Airplane crash on fire, little man can’t get out.” During the day he crashed toy airplanes into a coffee table, riddling it with gashes.

When he was 3, he began telling that he flew a “Corsair” off a ship, was shot down by the Japanese and that that was how he died.

Since his parents didn’t believe in reincarnation, they took him for counseling.
The family had a book on Iwo Jima. James found it and identified a map of Iwo Jima and told them that was where he died. His father asked him if he flew off a ship. James said it was “Natoma” and that his best friend was “Jack Larson.”

James repeatedly drew pictures of crashing airplanes which he signed as “James III.”
A few years later, James’ dad took James to an Iwo Jima reunion. It was there that they learned that the aircraft carrier “Natoma Bay” was at the battle and that there was only one pilot casualty. His name was “James Huston Jr.”

UVA research corollated the following:

  • The fact that James Huston was a “Jr,” explains his signing his drawings “James III.”
  • The Natoma Bay Aircraft Carrier was engaged in the battle.
  • That James Huston had flown “Corsairs.”
  • That James Huston was shot down by the Japanese.
  • That “Jack Larson” was actually another pilot on the Natoma Bay.

Could this two year old be hallucinating or randomly guessing this data? How many at this age, who can’t read and only know where their home and sandbox are, could identify Iwo Jima on a map, know what Corsairs were, ID another pilot as “Jack Larson,” that it was the Japanese who shot him down and being based on the “Natoma Bay” carrier?

A logical person knows that the statistical probability of this three year old guessing this data is virtually impossible… But then factoring in the other 2499 confirmed cases… it’s like the UVA panel said… “No reasonable person could ignore this evidence.” The university has now verified 2500 children’s cases as being accurate and credible. After the study, UVA Medical concluded that multiple life experiences are viable and legitimate.  And hence, the age old question about the hope of Life After Death has finally been factually resolved.

Consequently, after thousands of years of the bifurcated debate between science and religion, a third alternative cosmos, Spirituality, has finally emerged with a toehold on factual firmament.

Let’s talk about it,                 Listen to the faculty explain their study:  “UVA Panel; Re: Life After Death”
Brad O’Donnell

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