Recent Medical Evidence of Life After Death

Ramifications of recent medical evidence of life after death…

There’s no question that religion was created out of a psychological need to justify our existence in an intimidatingly infinite universe. Christianity definitely got out of control… as Jefferson said, “the church perverted the purest religion ever preached for the purpose of gaining wealth and power.” But now medical science is documenting new evidence that there is life after death…which will bring about a third cosmos alternative to the endless bifurcated struggle between religion and science.

You have to concede there are many occurrences that can’t be explained by either religion or science. Just watch a few episodes of “Long Island Medium.” There are many like her. She can tell you things about your deceased parents, friends and relatives that no one could know but you. Police departments have documented evidence of mediums submitting evidence about cold murder cases that no one on earth could know…”Maria’s body is buried in her boy friend’s car 46 miles west of Phoenix, 81 feet off highway 66 by a Yucca plant.”

Now watch this YouTube on the new “post death experience” phenomenon. Google: “Look at profound evidence.” (long video*… jump ahead to 23:00 to the “post death experience” segment.)

Near Death Experiences (Raymond Moody, 1975) did not prove life after death because frontal lobe stimulation could simulate the experience. But recently “post death experiences” have proved life after death. “Post death experiences” are reported in patients who’ve been miraculously resuscitated after being clinically dead for 1,2 or even 3 hours!

These “corpses” have gone hours without heart or brainwave function. They are absolutely dead, but after unexplainable resuscitations, doctors are witnessing, respecting and documenting these patients’ accurate accounts of things that happened during their “brain dead” hours in the ER and morgue. After hours of being brain dead, patients are describing what their family was preparing for dinner 20 miles from the hospital, or one described a blue tennis shoe on the roof of the hospital with a scuff on the little toe area… or a brother in law in the waiting room saying, “If Jane’s going to die, I wish she’d do it, because I’ve got a meeting in two hours.” Doctors recorded after she was revived, that she confronted her brother in law about the statement. He turned white! For the first time, doctors are respecting, correlating, verifying and documenting these occurrences.

Remember the medical axiom: With no live heart pumping oxygenated blood to the body and a brainwave flat line, the body can have no life function at all… no more than a side of beef on a butcher’s block!

That said, hours after absolute death, doctors are verifying that these patients were fully cognizant of verbatim conversations and activities of the doctors, nurses and even family members in and outside the hospital. It’s like the angry Scrooge seeing his valuables being sold across town after he died. Consistent with NDE’s, patients still say it’s serene and blissful, and they’ll never fear dying again. The church disdains the universal serenity feedback because it’s bad for their salvation business.

Notably, many of the ER doctors witnessing “post death experiences” have been atheists whom now concede that life absolutely goes on after death. These scientific atheists are accepting the irrefutable evidence that patients experience life hours after they are physically dead…

If there is scientific documentation of life experience hours after total cardio and brain cessation, then we have evidence of some kind of personal experience beyond physical life. i.e., Now there’s evidence of some kind of surviving essence that is more than our physical bodies. If our souls continue, then there would have to be a creator of our soul and of some dimension we transcend to.

Many atheists rail at this new information…even get vile and profane. Psychology notes that angry responses usually suggest insecurity in one’s position. Perhaps they’re right that this medical observation is not absolute fact. They criticize theists for believing in god without proof. But conversely, atheists only “believe” there’s no god without proof. At the end of the day, we all just believe what we want to believe. My case is that this new medical documentation of life after clinical death is more substantive than the atheist’s “belief” that there’s no god. So what do you believe?

Every person is as unique as a snowflake. We’re all precious in that sense. It’s not a reason to mindlessly believe that we have immortal souls, but medicine is now getting significant indications that we do continue to exist…It’s certainly worth keeping an open mind as doctors do more case studies on patients defibrillated back after death.
Most people will reject this development from sheer overload, because we weren’t programmed to think on this dimension. It’s something we never thought we could know… But with the miracle of modern medicine, suddenly, we just do.

Plato said, “For those who see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture, they’ll never be understood, let alone believed by the masses.” Breathe… Don’t recoil. Learn more about it, then try to be honest and objective. And please, don’t say this is a “bio-chemical, nervous reaction!” These life after death testimonies by resuscitated patients are far too specific and empirically correlated now to be written off as hallucination.

Brad O’Donnell, author Where to Now Saint Paul?
Leaving the Catholic Church

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